Protection & Control Telecom Technician (Level 1)

Facilitated By:
Hydro One

Targeted for P&C Engineers, Technologists and P&C Maintenance Technicians, this one-week course introduces participants to a basic overview of protection assisted telecommunication systems, including standard telecommunication terms (dB, dBm, dBmO, dBrnC and T1 technology overview), telecom test equipment and various jackfields/test points. This course combines theoretical classroom discussion with practical laboratory exercises and hands-on lab training.

Course Outline:
This course focuses on Analog Telecommunication equipment and principles with the following topics:
- LENCURT 937B Tone Equipment
- ABB NSD570
- Testing Telecommunication Circuits
- Telephone cable entrance
- Isolating Transformers
- Neutralizing Transformers
- Optical Isolators

Students also learn the set-up, care and use of:
- SPM32 test set
- Auto-Tims test set
- Advanced JDSU HST 3000 test set

The lab exercises on 937B, NSD70 and NSD570 equipment are reinforced in a fully equipped telecom lab setting.  Students also perform acceptance tests on 2-wire and 4-wire leased circuits.

Protection and Control Level 1, Protection and Control experience, Telecommunication basic knowledge, Electrical Engineering/Technology

Cost:  $6,875 + HST includes materials, lunch and breaks
Course Length: 5 days

Protection & Control Telecom Technician (Level 1)

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