Member of CAIR

The MEARIE Group is proud to be one of the founding members of the Canadian Association of Insurance Reciprocals (CAIR). CAIR was formed in 2010 to provide a national voice for insurance reciprocal exchanges. Charlie Macaluso, President & CEO of The MEARIE Group, was one of the founding members in 2010 and served as Chair of the CAIR Board from 2015-2019. He continues to serve on the CAIR Board in the position of Past Chair.

CAIR advances three primary goals:

  • Strengthening Canada’s insurance reciprocals, pools, captives, fraternal benefit societies, or similar risk-sharing program or pool operating in Canada by sharing their combined wisdom, experience and innovation;
  • Promoting well-informed and effective government regulation; and,
  • Educating people about the advantages of reciprocal insurance.

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