Products & Services

The MEARIE Group is the service provider of choice for the Ontario energy industry; we continuously enhance our product and service offerings to meet the complex and sophisticated needs of our customers. Our intimate knowledge of the industry allows us to provide our clients with specialized solutions in response to their evolving needs.

Picture of commercial building with overlay h1 title: Commercial Insurance

We offer specialized solutions based on deep energy knowledge to cover your commercial assets.

Picture of an arrow, h1 title: P&C Risk Management

Solutions improve client risk profiles, protect the Reciprocal, and assist in identifying and evaluating risks.

Picture of close-up vehicle tire, h1 title text: Group Home & Auto Program

Powered by PROLINK, access multiple insurers, expert advice, & competitive rates reflecting collecting buying powers.

picture of binary zeros and ones, h1 title: Cyber Defence Insurance

Address your privacy & data security concerns with dedicated services for crucial cyber risk.

Picture of silhouetted people having a meeting with notebook on table, h1 title text: Group Employee Benefit Program

We offer competitively priced group insurance, adaptable to cost containment or coverage enhancements needs.

Picture of digital networking, h1 title text reads Human Capital Risk Management

Our range of products/services for clients' HR needs address the growing costs of human capital.

Picture of stethoscope, h1 title text: Retirement Health & Dental Insurance

We offer comprehensive, affordable coverage so you can retire with confidence. 


Explore training courses in Leadership, Accounting, HR, etc. provided by field experts to boost business performance.