About The MEARIE Group

Message from the CEO & Attorney

Charlie MacalusoWe serve the energy sector in Ontario through the custom development and provision of specialized insurance, financial and business solutions. Like most reciprocals, MEARIE was formed as a direct result of the turmoil in the commercial insurance markets of the 1980s. From the beginning, MEARIE has created success in the dynamic environment of the energy sector. At the outset, formed in 1987 by and for Ontario’s electrical utilities as a solution to the turmoil they were experiencing in the commercial insurance marketplace. MEARIE began through the provision of liability insurance. The goal then, and now was to provide Members with reliable, distinct protection at stable and competitive rates.


Over the last 33 years, The MEARIE Group has expanded and evolved in our ongoing service to Member needs. Today, we provide a full suite of property/casualty insurance programs, group benefits, human resource services, trades, professional and management training, an industry conference and a variety of financial and business solutions - all targeted expressly to the energy sector.

Our third decade has been truly transformative, driven by new opportunities and newly emerging risks, many, technology related. Today’s Members have operations that span electrical distribution, renewable generation, construction, energy consulting, telecommunications and more. Sector mergers and acquisitions continue to redefine the LDC landscape and one of the most prominent risks of our time has emerged: cyber risk. MEARIE has responded to all of this change through product development, client support and risk management initiatives. Multiple coverage adaptations and expansions have ensured LDCs' risks are recognized and appropriately insured. By way of example, the leading-edge introduction of our Privacy, Cyber & Network Security Liability insurance in 2012 was very important to the sector and has continued, through the ensuing years, to be a key focus for our work.


Our corporate tagline, "Managing risk together," speaks to our evolution, regarding both the collective nature of the Reciprocal as well as the broad spectrum of products and services The MEARIE Group delivers. These services are often insurance-based, but always in support of risk management through reduction, transfer or otherwise. We look forward to the future and remain committed to being the trusted, member-driven business partner, capable of providing viable, competitive, financial solutions for the energy sector.

We have been supported over the years by many people. I would like to thank our MEARIE and MMI Board members, most especially Board Chairs, who contribute so much of their time, energy and experience to this organization. I would also like to recognize Staff and our business partners and suppliers who have worked with us over the years. Together, we have made each other stronger. Most importantly, I would like to thank all our subscribing Members for their support of The Reciprocal. We wouldn't be here without you!

In closing, 2020 has been a year unlike no other. In view of the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has created for businesses everywhere, at The MEARIE Group, we remain committed to providing services and support that are valued and relevant for all Members. From 1987 to today, this means an ongoing commitment to working cooperatively with our Members in ‘managing risk together.’


C.C. (Charlie) Macaluso
CEO & Attorney