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The MEARIE Executive Education programs are meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of industry professionals, managers, executives, and VPs, offering a tailored educational experience that resonates with industry leaders across the province.

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Explore a diverse range of subjects, including Leadership, Accounting, Regulatory Compliance, Customer Service, Chartered Directors, and more. Each course is designed to ensure that the skills acquired are not only comprehensive but also directly applicable to the evolving landscape of the energy sector across Canada. Taught by industry experts in collaboration with The MEARIE Group, our programs combine instruction and discussion, incorporating real-life examples to provide practical and actionable insights.

Distinguished by our unwavering commitment to quality education, MEARIE Executive Education collaborates with top-tier educational institutions and consulting firms to deliver cutting-edge management concepts, insights, and tools, empowering you to refine and enhance your leadership abilities.

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Discover our executive courses below, carefully developed for the energy sector and led by highly-rated instructors and subject matter experts. The MEARIE Group Executive Education program is your key to excelling in today's fast-paced business environment.

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Trades & Technical Training Programs

The MEARIE Group is proud to offer the best and most comprehensive trades and technical training programs in Ontario.

    online-claim-img2 Effective Business Writing and Presentations

    Listening, writing and talking are the three primary communication tools we use to connect, lead and support our teams. This course offers practical tips and tools to strengthen your writing, improve your listening and be more confident with your speaking skills.

    team-meeting Project Management Essentials - VIRTUAL

     Learn how to manage a project from initiation to completion, how to develop a comprehensive project plan and how to apply flexible, efficient project planning models, to ensure the successful completion of any project. 

    service-img3 Effective Leadership Skills For Lead Hands

    This course is designed to cover a broad range of supervisory functions and performance based processes with everyday issues facing Lead Hands overseeing a utility's work crew. Participants will engage in various scenarios using industry related examples.

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    In addition to our standard offerings, The MEARIE Group also provides onsite programs customized to meet the unique requirements of your organization. Our commitment to flexibility ensures that your team receives tailored solutions that address specific challenges within your industry.

    Gain practical skills in a combination of instruction and discussion with real-life examples.

    Why Opt for MEARIE Executive Training?

    Diverse Learning Paths: Explore a range of learning avenues tailored to diverse roles, empowering industry professionals to refine executive leadership skills, managerial expertise, and acquire profound insights into the professional and technical competencies essential for success in today's dynamic energy sector.

    Flexible Learning Options: Whether you are stepping into a leadership role or aspiring to do so, MEARIE Training offers a diverse selection of high-quality courses. These courses, supported by industry accreditations, certifications, best practices, and cutting-edge knowledge, are crafted to elevate your performance and expedite your career growth.

    Tailored Onsite Training: Enjoy the convenience of customized, onsite training at your office. Whether in-person or virtual, our programs are uniquely designed to address the specific needs of your organization. Reach out to us at training@mearie.ca, and let's embark on shaping your personalized training experience.

    Varied Formats: Recognizing that everyone has a preferred learning method, our training courses are available in multiple formats – in-classroom, hybrid, onsite, and online. Acquire industry knowledge in your preferred way, ensuring a seamless and effective learning experience.

    Competitive Pricing: Benefit from competitive pricing without compromising on quality content. We ensure that you receive top-notch educational resources at a value that aligns with your budgetary considerations. Your journey to enhanced professional skills shouldn't break the bank – at MEARIE, we make excellence accessible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    To register yourself or a member of your team, click on the desired course above. You will be redirected to the course page. If you're registering for Professional Training, you will click the "Register Now" button at the top right corner. If you're registering for Executive Training, you will click the "Enroll Now" button to the right of the course description. 

    Training Courses you have registered for are available on The MEARIE Portal. If you do not have an account, visit: Register on MEARIE Portal to create an account. Once logged in, click "My Courses" in the navigation bar on the right to display courses you have registered for. 

    If the course you registered for provides a course certificate and you have not received it yet, please visit: Contact Us to make a request. Someone will be in touch with you soon. 

    If the course you registered for provides a course certificate and there is a mistake on it, please visit: Contact Us and let us know so we can work with you to make it right. Someone will be in touch with you soon. 

    MEARIE is the provider of these courses in partnership with various subject matter experts. All of these experts have extensive experience within their respective fields, as practitioners and/or industry consultants.

    Yes. When you register for the course, a confirmation email will automatically be sent to you.

    Courses may be offered online or in-person. Please consult the course's page and date to verify in which format it is being offered. Several of our more popular courses are offered in both formats throughout the year. Be sure to check out course options at www.MEARIE.ca/Training.

    Yes. We recommend using technology with both audio and video capability. We use ZOOM, so be sure it is installed on your computer. It is helpful if you use headphones to help hear one another clearly. As some sessions are interactive, we request the video function be turned on. While the session will work on a tablet, we recommend a desktop or laptop computer as the experience is more engaging and rewarding. A link to the session will be sent via email to you prior to the session. We encourage you to login a minimum of 5-minutes prior to the session start to ensure you successfully connect to the session. 

    We recommend using a computer for both audio and video capability. While the session will work on a tablet, using a computer provides a more interactive experience. We do not recommend using a phone.