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Outside of regular office hours, emergency liability, vehicle and property claims can be reported to: 647.223.9243 or

You are responsible to report a claim or an incident that may lead to a claim, regardless of the level of damage to your assets, as soon as you become aware of the incident. Incidents that result in physical damage, including mechanical equipment breakdown, should be reported to MEARIE as soon as possible to allow for the adjuster to investigate and aid in the recovery or repair. 

Please use one of the following two methods to report claim details to us:


Online Claims Submission

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Paper-based Claims Submission

Property Loss Form

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Subscriber Obligations Regarding Property Claims:

Policy Wording: Under Section H - Conditions of the MEARIE Property policy report requirements are outlined as follows: 

6. Requirements After Loss

Upon the “Occurrence” of any loss of or damage to the insured property, the Insured shall, if the loss or damage is covered by the contract, in addition to observing the requirements of Conditions 9, 10 and 11,

  1. forthwith give notice thereof in writing to the Insurer,

  2. deliver as soon as practicable to the Insurer a proof of loss verified by a statutory declaration,

    1. giving a complete inventory of the destroyed and damaged property and showing in detail quantities, costs, actual cash value and particulars of amount of loss claimed,

    2. stating when and how the loss occurred, and if caused by fire or explosion due to ignition, how the fire or explosion originated, so far as the Insured knows or believes,

    3. stating that the loss did not occur through any willful act or neglect or procurement, means or connivance of the Insured,

    4. showing the amount of other insurance and the names of other insurers,

    5. showing the interest of the Insured and of all others in the property with particulars of all liens, encumbrances and other charges upon the property.

    6. showing any changes in title, use, occupation, location, possession or exposures of the property since the issue of the contract,

    7. showing the place where the property insured was at the time of loss;

  3. if required, give a complete inventory of undamaged property and showing in detail quantities, cost, actual cash value,

  4. if required and if practicable, produce books of account, warehouse receipts and stock lists, and furnish invoices and other vouchers verified by statutory declaration, and furnish a copy of the written portion of any other contract.

The evidence furnished under clauses C and D of this condition shall not be considered proofs of loss within the meaning of Conditions 12 and 13.

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