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Discover our diverse range of courses by clicking the buttons below. Each course is crafted to impart the skills, techniques, and knowledge needed to succeed in the ever-evolving energy sector.

Executive & Professional Training Programs

We offer tailor-made solutions on a variety of subjects including Leadership, Accounting, Regulatory, Customer Service and much more. Each course ensures skills learned are comprehensive and relevant for the specific needs of today's energy sector.

Using a combination of instruction and discussion with real-life examples, you will gain practical skills that can be used immediately. Access superb training that is:

  • Competitively priced
  • Delivered by experts in their fields

Our business partnerships bring you instructors that help clients improve organizational performance and business results.


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Trades & Technical Training Programs

To succeed in today's energy market, technical skills proficiency is required, and a recognized certificate is essential. The MEARIE Group is proud to offer the best and most comprehensive trades and technical programs in Ontario. Our programs cover the full range of training required by LDCs and other organizations that support the energy sector.

Certification programs are available for the following: 

  • Powerline Technician
  • Meter Technician
  • Substation Electrician
  • Electrical Operator
  • Underground Power Cable Technician
  • Protection & Control Technician

Experience classroom and hands-on training from industry specialists. These Trade Certificates are highly regarded across Canada.

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Why Choose MEARIE Training?

planet Diverse Learning Paths: Our courses cater to a spectrum of roles, enabling industry professionals to enhance executive leadership skills, managerial expertise, and gain profound insights into the professional and technical competencies crucial for success in today's energy sector.

edit  Flexible Learning Options: Whether you're stepping into a leadership role or aspiring to do so, MEARIE Training provides a rich array of high-quality courses. These courses, backed by industry accreditations, certifications, best practices, and cutting-edge knowledge, are designed to enhance your performance and accelerate your career growth.

team-meeting  Tailored Onsite Training: Experience the convenience of customized, onsite training at your office. In-person or virtual, our programs are uniquely tailored to address the specific needs of your organization. Reach out to us at, and let's begin shaping your tailored training experience.

desctop Varied Formats: We understand that everyone has a preferred learning method. That's why our training courses are available in multiple formats – in-classroom, hybrid, onsite, and online. Get industry knowledge in your preferred way, ensuring a seamless and effective learning experience.

Unlock your potential with MEARIE Training, where we empower professionals at every level to thrive in the dynamic landscape of the energy sector. Whether you're a seasoned executive, a dedicated manager, a visionary VP, or a Powerline technician with a passion for growth, our comprehensive training courses are meticulously crafted to elevate your professional journey.

Ready to embark on a journey of continuous learning and professional growth? MEARIE Training is your trusted partner. Sign up now, embrace the future, and soar to new heights in 2024!

Explore Our Exclusive Courses! 

service-img2 Regulatory Essentials for LDC Executives & Directors

This course provides a practical understanding of the major regulatory issues, the related risks and responsibilities, as well as an opportunity to network with industry peers about strategic solutions.

service-img1 Managing Performance in a Union Environment

This program is designed to provide Supervisors and Managers with the tools needed to fully represent the interests of the employer, deal respectfully and in accordance with the collective agreement, and work through the steps of successful investigations.

service-img3 Managing Customer Relationships

This interactive course is ideal for anyone who regularly encounters customers and clients. We will explore how to use language, listening and questioning skills to maintain control of conversations and reduce the stress involved in dealing with difficult people.

MEARIE Training Program Update

Executive & Professional and Trades & Technical Training

MEARIE Training courses are available both in-person and virtual training sessions. Some health and safety measures remain in place. Trades training offered through Hydro One have also resumed training at their facilities. 

Note: Course dates and times are subject to change in response to certain safety considerations. Please visit this page regularly for updates or contact with questions or concerns.

MEARIE Training Programs Vaccination Policy

To ensure health and safety of all training program participants, The MEARIE Group continues with COVID Safety Protocols. We ask that all participants abide by any and all site-specific COVID protocols and health and safety measures. Failure to comply may result in removal from the session. In such situations, refunds will not be provided. 

Please refer to the below links for the latest protocol updates:

Custom Programs Available

If you have a training need that cannot be addressed by any of our existing scheduled programs, please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To register yourself or a member of your team, click on the desired course above. You will be redirected to the course page. If you're registering for Professional Training, you will click the "Register Now" button at the top right corner. If you're registering for Executive Training, you will click the "Enroll Now" button to the right of the course description. 

For Our Technical Trades courses, you will be directed via email to our training partner, Hydro One. They will contact you directly confirming dates and availability. An invoice will be sent to you or your organization upon completion of the course.

Training Courses you have registered for are available on The MEARIE Portal. If you do not have an account, visit: Register on MEARIE Portal to create an account. Once logged in, click "My Courses" in the navigation bar on the right to display courses you have registered for. 

Yes. When you register for the course, a confirmation email will automatically be sent to you.

Courses may be offered online or in-person. Please consult the course's page and date to verify in which format it is being offered. Several of our more popular courses are offered in both formats throughout the year. Be sure to check out course options at

Course materials will be provided at the session. For trades training courses, you will also receive a logbook which can be used to track your progress through the training program. This logbook will need to be kept on your person when at work as it will be used to keep a record of your skills development. Proof of a completed, signed logbook is required when submitting your application for journeyperson certification.

For all courses, you will receive a certificate of completion. For some courses, upon successful completion of the requirements, you will receive a designation, notable Change Management, Project Management, the Chartered Directors Program, Mental Health and all of the trades training journeyperson programs. The individual requirements varies by designation. Please refer to the specific course descriptions for further information.

For in-person sessions, please refer to the course description to confirm the location. Maps of these locations are provided on the course website. For virtual sessions, simply join the session from the convenience of your computer - information is provided via email once registered. 

If you require accommodation, please make arrangements directly with the hotel facility. You are responsible for the cost of the accommodation. MEARIE has negotiated preferred rates with its partners. Please refer to the website for additional information.

Please note: for participants attending the Chartered Directors program, accommodations will be provided on your behalf at no additional cost.

For in-person training sessions, lunch and snacks are provided at no additional charge. Parking is also provided at no additional charge.

Requirements for each course are outlined in the course description. In general, you will need to bring your Personal Protective Equipment along with your commonly used tool kits if applicable. Please review your chosen course description carefully for pre-requisites and required materials or equipment. 

If pre-work required, it will be indicated in the course description. In general, there are two types of pre-work required, depending on the type of session:

Online Pre-Learning: As part of your learning, you may need to complete work in advance of the session. For some online courses, notably Managing Performance in a Union Environment, Collective Bargaining Preparation, and Understanding the Collective Agreement and Management Rights, completion of an online pre-learning course is required. These courses usually take approximately 40-50 mins to complete. Please do so before the zoom session

  • You will receive an automated email from the Learning Management System called ASTUTE to advise you are set up as a learner in the system. Your username (your email address) and temporary password to enable you to sign on to the platform will be provided (be sure to check your chunk mail if you do not see this email in your inbox). 
  • You will receive a second automated email advising of your enrollment in the online course (Please note: if you have already participated in a previous online course through ASTUTE with MEARIE and Oakbridges, you can use the same log-in information).

Reading: Several courses, notably Changing Management and the Chartered Directors Program, requires participants to complete pre-reading in advance of the session. The information will be sent to you in advance of the session. 

Yes. We recommend using technology with both audio and video capability. We use ZOOM, so be sure it is installed on your computer. It is helpful if you use headphones to help hear one another clearly. As some sessions are interactive, we request the video function be turned on. While the session will work on a tablet, we recommend a desktop or laptop computer as the experience is more engaging and rewarding. A link to the session will be sent via email to you prior to the session. We encourage you to login a minimum of 5-minutes prior to the session start to ensure you successfully connect to the session. 

We recommend using a computer for both audio and video capability. While the session will work on a tablet, using a computer provides a more interactive experience. We do not recommend using a phone.

An email with the connection information and instructions to access the session will be sent to you, generally a couple days in advance of the actual session.