Comprehensive Liability Claims

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Outside of regular office hours, emergency liability, vehicle and property claims can be reported to: 647.223.9243 or

You are responsible to report a claim or an incident which may lead to a claim, as soon as you become aware of the incident. Please use one of the following two methods to report claim details to us:


Online Claims Submission

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For urgent claims reporting or inquiries, please contact Claims at 1.800.668.9979 ext. 5344 or


Paper-based Claims Submission

General Liability Claim Form 

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Send this completed form to:

Subscriber Obligations Regarding Liability Claims:

Policy Wording: Section 8.4 NOTICE OF ACCIDENT, OCCURRENCE, CLAIM OR SUIT states that: 

When an Occurrence or accident happens or Other Notice of Claim First Received by the Insured occurs or exists or an oral Claim is made against an Insured, written notice shall be given by or on behalf of the Insured to the Reciprocal or any of its authorized agents as soon as practicable after notice thereof has been received or knowledge thereof gained.

Such notice shall contain particulars sufficient to identify the Insured and also reasonably obtainable information respecting the time, place and circumstances of the Occurrence or accident, the name and address of the injured, the particulars of the damaged property, the name and address of the Insured, and the name and address of all witnesses. 


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The MEARIE Group

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