Retirement Health & Dental Insurance Program

The MEARIE Group Retirement Health & Dental Insurance Program provides comprehensive and affordable health & dental insurance coverage — to help you transition into retirement.

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Guaranteed Acceptance

All retirees applying for coverage within 90 days of retirement are guaranteed to be accepted into the program—with no medical questions asked.

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Your Coverage, Your Choice

With three plan options designed by one of Canada’s leading insurers, Canada Life, you can select the level of coverage that’s right for you.


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Competitive Group Pricing

Enjoy preferred rates on robust plans that include extended healthcare, dental, vision care, prescription drug coverage, virtual care, and more.

Learn more & enrol today

View the Program Information Guide to learn more about each plan option, for program rates, and to complete your application form.

This exclusive offer is available to those aged 55 and older for a limited time. You must apply within 90 days of your retirement to qualify.

Retire with confidence in your coverage.



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