About The MEARIE Group

Managing Risk Together

The MEARIE Group is progressive, innovative and dedicated to providing comprehensive, superior insurance, financial solutions to Ontario's energy sector. In 2022, The MEARIE Group celebrated 35 years of service to Ontario's energy sector. We are proud to continue providing you with comprehensive, risk management and HR solutions that serve your needs. 

Visit our 35th Anniversary Page and view our Special Anniversary Corporate Video to acknowledge this occasion.

Our Mission

The MEARIE Group is progressive, innovative and dedicated to providing comprehensive and superior insurance, financial and business solutions at competitive rates to its customers. The MEARIE Group pursues quality growth consistent with the interests of its customers. The MEARIE Group maintains a customer-service-first attitude and deals fairly, ethically and professionally with customers, employees, suppliers and competitors.

Our Vision

The MEARIE Group will be the leader in the provision of insurance solutions to energy-related target markets in Ontario and strategically provide financial and business solutions where appropriate. The MEARIE Group will retain and grow its customer base through innovative creation of value-added products that satisfy the evolving needs of its customers and other energy-related businesses and individuals.

Since 1987

The MEARIE Group is a diverse organization that represents the entities of the Municipal Electric Association Reciprocal Insurance Exchange (MEARIE), MEARIE Management Inc., (MMI) and MEARIE Insurance Services Inc., (MISI). We focus on providing a rich array of financial, insurance and risk management solutions to Ontario's energy sector. We are the only Canadian property/casualty and group benefits insurance supplier dedicated to the energy sector. Thirty + years into our story, we are a dynamic, mature and stable company with great potential to continue growing whilst remaining closely focused on responding to the needs of our Members.


Created in 1987, MEARIE offers a full range of commercial insurance solutions including comprehensive general liability, directors & officers, privacy/cyber, property, crime, fleet vehicle insurance and claims administration services. Our Members represent entities with operations such as electrical distribution, small hydro and gas generation, telecommunications, fiber optics, and municipal water distribution. MEARIE's focus on the energy sector drives the development of risk based products, services, coverages and pricing that are both distinctive and responsive to the needs of our Members.

As a reciprocal insurance exchange, MEARIE is founded upon a contractual agreement, signed by all Members, through which common risks are shared or exchanged. It is a time-tested, co-operative concept. Reciprocals are Member-owned and not-for-profit. Focus is on the long-term interests of Membership.

MEARIE Management Inc. (MMI)

In addition to our extensive portfolio of commercial insurance and risk based services, MMI provides a comprehensive array of products/service that support our Members in managing human capital risk. Key programs include group employee benefits, training, talent, recruitment, actuarial valuation, industrial relations, compensation benchmarking services, and more.

All of MMIs’ programs are targeted expressly to Ontario’s energy sector. Our ability to customize programs, our group purchasing power, and the strength of our sector knowledge and insights have been critical to our success.

The MEARIE Group Logo Through the Years

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