Powerline Technician (Level 2)

Facilitated By:
Hydro One

In the Level 2 training session the student will complete theoretical knowledge based topics, including Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Power, Rubber Protective Equipment, the Underground Distribution System, Ampact tool, Insulated Aerial Device, Hydraulic and Mobile Work Equipment.

In the Central Learning Session, the student will perform core skill tasks and be assessed on his/her performance. Central learning course objectives will include: protective coordination, street-lighting, install secondary service, install/remove inline switches from a pole and bucket truck, install single phase transformer, insulator change using rubber gloves, splice XLPE (Cross Link Polyethylene Cable), install stress cone, install load brake elbow, install/remove pole using RBD under energized conditions, install grounds on transmission circuit, change suspension insulator and damper on transmission circuit.

This program trains to 100% of the Ontario College of Trades interprovincial curriculum.  Apprentices are introduced to all aspects of the line trade, from underground trenches and transformers to transmission tower techniques.

Utility must register the apprentice via Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities through the local Ministry Office.  Apprentices must also be registered and a member in good standing with the Ontario College of Trades.

Successful completion of Powerline Technician Level 1 and up to three days of self study must be completed prior to attending the training session. Training manuals to be sent out ahead of scheduled training activities.

Field Assignments:
Practice Powerline Technician Level 2 skills.

Powerline Technician Level 2 training manual.


$5,375 + HST 
(includes MTCU classroom fee, materials, lunch, and breaks)
Non-Registered Government Apprentices subject to additional MTCU fees.

Course Length:

2 weeks

Powerline Technician (Level 2)

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