Electrical Operator Supervisor Training – Online

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Hydro One

The Distribution Operator training program is now offered online in a new E-Learning format.  The apprentice is provided a personal ID and password to access the material.  The material is to be completed within one year.  This self-study workplace program is followed by the participant successfully passing a final test conducted and supervised at their work location.

Course Outline:

The self-study website makes use of images, diagrams, supplemental learning material and self-checks to ensure the learning objectives are achieved.  This allows trainees to study at their own pace, learn the unique aspect of their utility's equipment and benefit from the support of their supervisors, mentors and subject matter experts. All course materials are conveniently accessible online.  The program includes the following topics:

  • The Electrical Power System (transmission and operation of the integrated power system)

  • Electrical Fundamentals and Theory

  • Fundamentals of the Distribution System

  • Primary Distribution Systems (Dual Element Spot Networks, DESN)

  • Secondary Distribution System (including smart metering network info and revenue metering)

  • Transformers (construction components), switching and isolating devices

  • Distribution System Protection (electronic, network protector and under voltage relays)

  • Voltage Control

  • Communication, Control and Automation Equipment

  • Normal and Emergency Operation

  • Service Interruptions

  • The Operator's Role

Must be employed by a local Electricity Distribution Company.

The successful completion of this session and completion of a recognized course in Supervision entitles the participant to the MEARIE Groups Certificate of Completion as an Electrician Operator Supervisor.

NOTE:  This program is offered online.  Applicants may register at anytime.


$5,750 + HST 2024
Includes materials.

Course Length:

Approximately four weeks of concentrated effort by the trainee at their work location and online study over a one year period.

Electrical Operator Supervisor Training – Online

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