Basic Electricity

Facilitated By:
Hydro One

One of Hydro One’s most popular courses, Basic Electricity is an introduction to electricity basics. The course includes an overview of the electrical supply system, from generation to the customer. Transmission and distribution concepts covered include system control, transformer and distribution stations, service types/sizes and revenue metering. The course will also provide an overview of the basics of house wiring, domestic appliances, fuses, circuit breaker switches and thermostats, energy efficiency in the home and business, savings and payback. This course is an excellent source of hands-on information for those who deal with the public or want a better understanding of the industry.

Course Outline:

The following topics will be covered:

  • Demystify electrical terms and industry jargon
  • Hands on practice to prove electrical concepts
  • Practical applications, Ohm’s Law and the Power Law
  • Lab tests and demonstrations with real equipment and low voltage test boards
  • Half day field trip to identify a selection of equipment, services, metering and points of electrical interest

Onsite Option:

This course is also available onsite in a one-day format. Call for more information.


Basic Electricity

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