We are pleased to have you join us in acknowledging another milestone for The MEARIE Group – our 35th year of delivering insurance and risk management solutions to Ontario’s energy sector. Although we never imagined we would initiate recognition for our anniversary year whilst continuing to contend with the implications of a global pandemic – it is where we are. We are grateful for the longstanding support of Members. For us, The MEARIE Group remains committed to providing services and support that are valued and relevant to all Members through both good and challenging times.

Since 1987, MEARIE has been dedicated to creating success in a dynamic environment where the energy sector is dominated by themes of ongoing change. Most recently, the pandemic has produced unique challenges that have shifted supply, demand, and technology trends. Thirty-five years ago, MEARIE was created as a stop-gap solution to provide stable liability insurance protection for Members at competitive rates. The original experiment that was MEARIE has evolved to become a durable, tested and proven success. As an LDC created service, it is as unique today as it was thirty-five years ago.

In 2022, MEARIE offers a full suite of property/casualty insurance programs, risk management services & resources, group benefits, human resource services, Executive & Professional training and Trades & Technical training programs, and an array of business and financial solutions. The element that ties everything together, is our continued focus on the Ontario energy sector.

2022 represents an important year as we continue to navigate unprecedented market conditions with the quiet confidence that comes from a foundation of unquestioned financial stability. This is a testament to the work and commitment of Members, MEARIE and MMI Boards, Staff and key business partners. We are well-positioned to address new opportunities and emerging risks in areas such as technology, cyber security, climate change, health, the economy and more.  

Our 35th anniversary year will see a particular focus on risk management and ongoing operational improvements. All geared to best support Members’ needs and to support business growth, both within and beyond this sector. To help us celebrate that growth and reflect on the importance of staying current, we have created a special edition of our logo to mark this important milestone.

On behalf of our Boards and Staff, as your Reciprocal, we are proud to celebrate 35 years of dedicated service delivering a broad spectrum of products and services. Together, we will continue fostering a culture of growth, and evolution whilst sustaining the financial stability that has been a hallmark of our organization. We value your confidence and belief in us. We extend our gratitude to this collective and, together, we look forward to many, many more years of success where we uphold the objective to “Manage risk together.”

Please join us at both our MEARIE AGM (March 30, 2022) and The MEARIE Conference (June 15-17, 2022). Both events will feature special anniversary acknowledgements and thanks to our loyal Members. Stay tuned for the latest updates on these events by visiting our website and subscribing to The MEARIE Blog.



Charlie Macaluso
CEO & Attorney
The MEARIE Group


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Article by:
C.C. (Charlie) Macaluso