Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services is a collection of services being offered by The MEARIE Group to assist you in your recruiting and job placement activities. The services include: Energy Job Search (formerly “Job Vacancy”), the Enhanced Energy Job Search (featuring access to a powerful, web-based Applicant Tracking System) and Applicant Screening.


Energy Job Search - $350 per posting*

The original EDA Job Vacancy service has been transferred to The MEARIE Group and it has been renamed to more appropriately reflect the service provided. Energy Job Search, the leading job board for your industry, enables the electronic and hardcopy communication of your job vacancies to a large yet focused electricity sector audience.

Positions get posted to Energy Job Search for a period of up to 30 days. The posting is also distributed weekly, in hard copy, to all LDCs and EDA members. 

At $350** per job posting, this is an extremely competitive rate as compared to other posting services. With high web traffic and an average of 300 jobs posted annually, The MEARIE Group’s Energy Job Search is the “go to” job board for all of your positions, providing the most reliable, focused and consistent exposure to your industry.

*EDA LDC, Affiliate and Associate Members, Commercial Plus Members: $350 per posting, Commercial Members: $400 per posting, Non-Members: $500 per posting


Enhanced Energy Job Search - $540 per vacancy**


Consider this NEW Enhanced option the next time you post a job!

A major enhancement to the original job vacancy service, take advantage of using a, powerful Applicant Tracking System, on a per-posting basis. Fully automate your recruitment process, through the electronic management of all of your recruitment activities.

This functionality is in addition to the posting of all your positions on Energy Job Search for a period of up to 30 days, along with the weekly distribution of hard copies of the position description to all LDCs and EDA members.

By choosing the Enhanced Energy Job Search option, applicants will be able to click through your posting on Energy Job Search, to your corporate-branded career center and on-line interview system. Through this system, candidates will apply for your jobs and be screened up-front before you even review their applications. You can also receive several customized reports to assist you in making the right selection.



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The Enhanced Energy Job Search will:

  • Reduce time spent reviewing resumes through the automation of the recruitment process
  • Enable you to post to multiple job boards and track all your applicants
  • Increase your applicant flow and simplify your recruiting process
  • Create a data-bank of pre-qualified, pre-screened candidates for each position
  • Predict performance, retention and fit before hiring
  • Secure data storage of all applicant information

As an added feature of Enhanced Energy Job Search, you can also purchase access to additional screening tools at a cost of $7.00 per candidate.

The CONTACT CENTER SCREEN PLUS™ is used to determine which candidates are likely to succeed in a contact center environment. Developed by a team of Contact Center industry experts, the screening report will provide an indicati on of where an individual will fit in either a customer service role or a role that includes some up sell or cross sell requirements. Clients that use the CONTACT CENTER SCREEN PLUS ™ improve the flow of quality candidates and make better hiring decisions, impacting retention and performance.

The MANAGEMENT SCREEN™ provides an efficient and economical solution to the challenge of targeting and screening a high number of potential recruits for management and supervisory positions. Employers use this candidate screening tool to help them increase candidates flow, predict performance and integrate psychometric profiling into their structured interviews.

The POP SCREEN™ is a quick, online candidate screening tool based on the Personal Orientation Profile™ (POP)™ a state-of-the-art psychometric profiling tool. The POP SCREEN™ is used by many of the world’s leading high performance sales organizations to recruit sales staff and to identify candidates that will perform in a sales role and to knock out obvious “non-fits”. The process helps increase candidate flow, is quick and engaging for the candidate and eliminates wasted time by focusing recruiting managers on candidates that are most likely to succeed.

The SERVICE SCREEN™ provides an efficient and economical solution to the challenge of targeting and screening a high volume of recruits for service related roles. Customized to meet the unique needs of the service industry, employers use this candidate screening tool to help them predict performance and integrate psychometric profiling into their structured interviews. The process can be built into an existing recruitment process and for the candidate it is faster and easier than paper based applications. Managers recruiting service employees experience increased candidate flow, reduced time to hire and make better hiring decisions that impact the organization’s bottom line.

Consider this new enhanced option the next time you post a job!

**EDA LDC, Affiliate and Associate Members: $540 per posting, Commercial Members: $590 per posting


Applicant Screening - $500 per position

We can go one step further and conduct telephone screening of your top candidates, dramatically reducing the time and effort you spend effectively screening candidates. The MEARIE Group will work with you to create appropriate job specific questions to be used in conducting telephone interviews with up to 10 candidates and provide you with an extensive recruitment matrix that will assist you in selecting final candidates for the interview process based on criteria that you provide.



Streamline Your Recruitment Process with a Bundled Recruitment Package - $1000 per recruit

Take advantage of a discounted rate through a Bundled Recruitment Package:

Package includes all services:

  • An Enhanced Energy Job Search Posting
  • Use of the Applicant Tracking Software
  • Applicant Screening service


For information on Energy Job Search, Enhanced Energy Job Search and Applicant Screening, simply contact us at Energy Job Search.