Property, Boiler & Machinery Insurance

Securing an "all-risk" insurance policy for property, boiler and machinery coverage can be a difficult and an expensive proposition. At the MEARIE Group, our "All Risks" physical loss or damage policy includes coverage for Real and Personal Property, Business Interruption and Equipment Breakdown. In addition to having one policy cover all your needs, you will appreciate our stable pricing and comprehensive understanding of energy industry risks.

It is this combination of the stable pricing achieved through a reciprocal exchange, unrivaled exposure analysis and risk identification and quantification and the strength and value-added services of our insurance partner that sets this product apart from the commercial marketplace.

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A Guide to Equipment Breakdown Insurance MEARIE developed a guide to assist you in making your equipment last longer, reducing losses and saving capital expenditures.

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Previously, MEARIE held a webinar on Boiler and Machinery Insurance. In case you missed it, log in to the MEARIE Portal to view the recording of this important topic.

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