Technology Professional Services Coverage

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New! Technology Professional Services Coverage

As technology becomes more complex and immersed in how we deliver business, exposure risks increase. The MEARIE Group is offering new Technology Professional Services coverage to protect valued Members. Coverage will be made available as an endorsement to your liability insurance policy. 


What is Technology Professional Services Coverage?

Explore what this coverage can mean for you.

This coverage comes into play when a MEARIE Member (the Insured) is contracting with a third party to deliver technology-based products and services and - through negligence - fails to deliver the service as promised, causing financial damage to the third party.

Technology Professional Services coverage (otherwise known as Technology Errors & Omissions or Tech E&O) is specific to a loss related to the technology-based product you are selling to a third-party. It does not affect other coverages such as third-party damage, bodily injury, personal injury, etc.

Why do you need this Coverage?

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Technology Professional Services coverage is recognized as a growing standalone insurance coverage in the broader marketplace. While it responds to the failure of a product/service provided to a client, that failure can create situations where cyber vandalism is possible. (It is not equivalent to "cyber insurance.")

This insurance will protect your organization from incidents alleging misconduct, omissions, errors or negligence that resulted in the failure to deliver services as promised. It addresses the unique needs of your technology solutions that cyber insurance doesn't cover. If you are selling technology-based solutions to third parties, this coverage is for you!

The material is provided for information only. In the event of specific claims, incidents or legal actions against the Subscriber, coverage will be determined in accordance with applicable policy wording.

Technology Professional Services Coverage

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