Cyber Risk Referral Program

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The MEARIE Group is pleased to present our Cyber Risk Referral Program. Gain access to reliable cyber risk mitigation services to safeguard your organization from cyber threats. The Cyber Risk Referral Program is designed to respond to gaps in Risk Mitigation control measures experienced by our Members. This program will provide access to broader/consultant-based services to address their more robust cyber support needs. It will also feature opportunities for Members to access key cyber risk mitigation resources like Webinars, Articles, and more to stay informed.

MEARIE has partnered with these vendors, so be sure to check them out for preferred pricing.  


Safeguard your critical infrastructure and industrial control systems using a straightforward identity-based access management platform. Easily deploy multi-factor authentication and privileged access management, with detailed auditing.

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Make your organization more secure with Canada's leading Microsoft security company. Safeguard your people, data, and infrastructure with CrucialLogics security solutions.

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Assess, Prioritize, Remediate, Repeat…We provide full cybersecurity assessments across multiple frameworks, awareness and compliance training, remediation plans and implementation support for any required improvements

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MEARIE Cyber Risk Resources

Check our Cyber Risk Management Mitigation resources available on our P&C Risk Management Resources and Privacy, Cyber, & Network Insurance pages to support your risk mitigation planning needs. 

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Concluded Webinars:

Topic: Gain Confidence and Security with Native Microsoft Technologies with CrucialLogics

Date: October 25, 2023 at 1:00 pm to 1:45 pm

Experience a live breach simulation with CrucialLogics CEO Amol Joshi. Gain insights into the mind of a hacker, the impact on the user, and the rapid response. Discover how Microsoft tools can fortify your defences and safeguard your organization's assets. 

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Topic: Fortifying the Grid A Zero Trust Approach to Securing Ontario’s Energy Sectorwith Agilicus

Date: October 11, 2023 at 1:00 pm to 1:45 pm

This session explores the transformative impact of Zero Trust from an IT security perspective as well as a compliance and risk management strategy. You'll have the opportunity to listen to a panel of experts lead an insightful conversation and answer all your burning cybersecurity and risk management questions. 

Download presentation slides here.    Watch the Recording here.

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Partner Cyber Risk Mitigation Resources

Check out these valuable resources brought to you by Agilicus, CrucialLogics and Cybersecurity Compliance Corp.. Be sure to visit regularly for more resources and opportunities to learn and connect with these vendors. Stay educated, informed and prepared.

Cyber Risk Referral Program

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