On-Site Vehicle Risk Assessment Program

The MEARIE Group is committed to risk management as a means of supporting you in the successful management of your operations. Additionally, good risk management practices prevent losses and protect the integrity of the insurance reciprocal.

What is a Vehicle Risk Assessment?
An on-site review of your current corporate fleet operating policies. Then based on the findings, suggestions for improvements are made.

MEARIE’s Risk Management Services offer value-added benefits that complement your own loss prevention and safety policies. Please consider:

  • Would you like to evolve your corporate fleet operating polices to industry best practices?
  • Do you need help in performing a fleet audit?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you should consider having MEARIE conduct a detailed evaluation of your current program. MEARIE will come to your facility, meet with your management team, review your current program related to Driver Selection, Driver Training, Vehicle Maintenance, and Accident Reporting. Then, based on the findings, a report is prepared and provided that includes an evaluation of your current practices and recommendations for improvement where needed. This service is being offered at no additional cost to MEARIE Vehicle Subscribers.

To arrange for your Risk Assessment or if you would like further details, please contact MEARIE's Insurance & Risk Management Team at insurance@mearie.ca.