Management Pro™ Psychometric Management Profiling Tool

In the last few years, leading edge organizations have begun to use psychometric profiling to select, develop and retain their key employees. Where the cost of a “wrong hire” is more than just the expense of repeating the hiring process, it is important to take the guesswork out of whether or not a potential candidate will be a “good fit” with both your internal team and your organization.

State of the Art Profiling Tool

MANAGEMENTPRO™ is a state of the art profiling tool that allows you to effectively manage people and performance together. It fills the essential role of integrating science into the management selection and development process. MANAGEMENTPRO™ assesses self management potential, motivational structure, organizational fit, people orientation, analytical orientation, confidence, lifestyle management, emotional intelligence and other key factors.

MANAGEMENTPRO™ is an ideal tool for helping to select the best candidate – not just for the position but for the organization as well. The tool provides an overview of personality traits as they apply to management roles. MANAGEMENTPRO™ assesses leadership style, comfort with conflict, lifestyle management and much more. It also helps managers with coaching and development strategies for candidates in addition to providing feedback on matching to mentors, peers and staff. 

Relevant to Your Organization

MANAGEMENTPRO™ provides a Management Profile for each candidate. This Profile covers a number of different issues including: adaptability to various organizational structures, motivational structure, approach to learning, task orientation, people development, self confidence, comfort with conflict, emotional quotient and managing lifestyle issues. The Tool covers the following key factors:

Management Style covers a wide variety of competencies such as leadership style, communication style, how goals and strategies are implemented, approach to motivating others, approach to coaching and feedback style.

Orientation and Coaching provides a detailed look at self management, motivational approach, independence and communications style and the relationship to selection, team orientation, development and mentoring.

Emotional Quotient is very important in helping managers understand interpersonal relationships. EQ covers self awareness, self control, determination, empathy and social judgment.

Sales Management Function (Optional) covers the key sales management issues, including recruiting, training and development, sales force growth and performance management.

Valid Results

MANAGEMENTPRO™ is verified through a “validation study” to ensure that it provides the most appropriate and relevant assessment for each client. The validation study is a scientific review of the psychometric tool and other aspects of the selection system. It verifies that the tool measures what it says it is measuring, and that the results are relevant to your unique business culture. 

Easy to Use Professional Assessment

The Online Assessment Tool is provided to job candidates identified by the organization, usually either to the finalist in the selection process or to a small group when a final decision between a few candidates is required. Candidates receive an email with a link to the tool, and complete the assessment at their own pace. A Management Profile for each candidate is provided.

Professional Support

One hour of consultative services is provided by a MANAGEMENTPRO™ Expert. The Expert can answer any questions that you may have, and provide additional interpretative analysis and insight for each candidate. The Expert can also help in the preparation of interview questions, and ensures that you get the most out of the candidate assessment. 


The cost for the MANAGEMENTPRO™ service, which includes a comprehensive Management Profile and one hour of consultative services with a MANAGEMENTPRO™ Expert is $395 per candidate. 

Our Partners

Brandon Taylor Consulting / Self Management Group specializes in the selection, development and career management of people. This unique proprietary assessment tool, extensive data base and wide range of diagnostic assessments help organizations to use science and advanced statistical methods to measure and track the ROI of organizational initiatives.

MANAGEMENTPRO™ is available when you sign up with EnergyJobSearch. You can also use this service to identify and select potential management candidates in your organization at any time. 

If you would like more information about MANAGEMENTPRO™, please contact: or call 1.800.668.9979.