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Managing relationships successfully within your organization is crucial to its performance. Whether it’s working within a team or with other departments, effective relationships ensure success. When considering union agreements, the interactions become more complex. Understanding the collective agreement and how it applies is crucial for healthy employer/employee relationships.

MEARIE is offering three courses that will prepare you to work more effectively with others, provide specific skills when dealing with union issues, and will help lay a strong foundation for future collective bargaining and professional interactions.

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Upcoming Training Courses

Managing Relationships at Work

Learn how to build and maintain relationships with coworkers throughout your organization. We will explore the importance of a personal brand and how power/equity dynamics can influence teams, problem solving and success.



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Managing Performance in a Union Environment

This program provides Supervisors and Managers with the tools needed to fully represent the interests of the employer, deal respectfully in accordance with the collective agreement, and work through the steps of successful investigations.



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Understanding the Collective Agreement & Management Rights

This virtual program takes participants through the clauses of a typical collective agreement, how to understand and interpret these clauses, and how to avoid unwanted precedents, erosion of rights and undesirable practices.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this course in-person or online?

These courses are provided virtually online. If you wish to attend an in-person session, please check our website as we do offer in-person sessions on other dates.

We recommend using a computer with both audio and video capability. While the sessions will work on a tablet, using a computer provides a more interactive experience. We do not recommend using a phone.


Headphones and a working microphone and webcam will be essential. A working internet connection is a must. We will be using ZOOM. As this is an interactive session, we request the video function of your computer to be turned on. A link to the session will be sent via email to you prior to the session. We recommend logging in 5 minutes prior to ensure you successfully connect to the session.

MEARIE is the provider of these courses in partnership with organizations like Oakbridges Industrial Relations Strategists and Pearl Street Communications.

Oakbridges is experienced with labour relations, collective bargaining, and the broader field of industrial relations. Oakbridges has facilitated these courses for many years.


Pearl Street is managed by Curt Hammond, Chief Listening Officer. With over 15 years of experience, he is an accomplished facilitator and trainer.

It depends on the course. If you need to complete any pre-learning before the session, information will be provided in a separate email.

We recommend using a computer with both audio and video capability. While the session will work on a tablet, using a computer provides a more interactive experience. We do not recommend using a phone.

An email with the connection information to the session will be sent to you in a couple days in advance of the actual session.

Yes, when you register for the course, a confirmation will automatically be sent to you.

Course materials will be provided at the session.

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