Business Continuity Planning

We read on an almost daily basis about crisis or catastrophes affecting businesses and the resulting economic hardship. Business Continuity Management has been around for more than 30 years, but as the frequency and severity of natural events appears to be increasing, the need to be prepared becomes paramount to your business' survival.

MEARIE Guide to Developing a Business Continuity Plan

The MEARIE Guide to Developing a Business Continuity Plan is a primer designed to assist you in either fine tuning your existing plan or developing an initial plan. The Guide covers the five basic steps that should be undertaken:

1. Business Continuity Planning Governance – Establishing Control
2. Business Impact Analysis – Understanding and documenting your business process
3. Plans, Measures and Arrangements for Business Continuity – Creating the actual plan
4. Readiness Procedures – Education and testing of plan
5. Quality Assurance Techniques – Review of the Plan

Additional Resources

In addition to the five step process, the guide provides many additional resources including templates, articles, suggestions and links to help develop and implement your Business Continuity Plan. The following are a few resources for your quick reference:

Emergency Measures Ontario

Government of Canada Business Continuity Planning Website

Continuity Central – The international business continuity information portal

Ensure you are ready now. Do not wait until an event or crisis happens to find out you were not prepared. For more information on Business Continuity Planning, please contact MEARIE's Insurance & Risk Management Services team at