MEARIE recognizes the influence the pandemic continues to have on our training course schedule. Last year, we were able to offer virtual courses for our Executive Education and Professional & Management programs. This format was well-received, so we decided to include virtual options for some of our popular courses in the 2022 Training schedule. 

While virtual training is a convenient option for those who travel long distances or operate under significant time constraints, we also understand the benefits of an in-person learning environment. Many participants still enjoy the ability to detach from their immediate work environment and learn concepts in a more intimate and interactive setting with like-minded individuals from different organizations. 

In January 2022, the impact of the COVID-19 Omicron variant compelled The MEARIE Group to cancel all Trades & Technical Training programs for several weeks. The nature of Trades & Technical Training programs did not make virtual options possible. Affected registrants were notified and immediately re-booked into rescheduled sessions. A few weeks ago, we announced the cancellation of these courses was over, and to the delight of The MEARIE Group and fellow LDCs, we resumed in-person Trades & Technical Training. 

We value your feedback. We often base our program adjustment offerings on it so we can meet your needs. As an example, participants attending our Collective Bargaining Preparation course requested an additional hands-on session to help them in their upcoming bargaining negotiations. In one month, we designed and offeredBest Practices in Collective Bargaining Negotiations Workshop which specifically addressed these needs. 

On-site training at your facility is another popular program option. This format of training is a convenient and cost-effective way for organizations to train several employees at once; it helps organizations get their employees on the same page at the same time; it addresses unique and specific issues through customized course content; and it represents an opportunity to develop better leadership and teamwork skills. 

Popular on-site training opportunities include programs for Supervisors and Managers, training in Regulatory and Labour Relations and Managing Customer Relationships; for instance, our DiSC Program helps improve team dynamics, productivity, and performance - all skills better developed in an in-person setting. We can offer on-site training in both in-person and virtual formats. 

Of course, The MEARIE Group will continue to provide virtual and in-person training customized to your needs to ensure that the best opportunities for further education, leadership skill training and more are available. Remember, if you have any questions about our COVID protocols and in-person training, you can view our updated protocols on our website. 

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